October 10th, 2007

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Poem for Wednesday

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Spent the whole day in the house with Adam and blowing fans. Made him four cups of instant soup, three pieces of peanut butter toast, fetched him popsicles and later yogurt, watched Surf's Up (which was released on DVD today and which apaulled brought home at lunchtime) while folding several massive laundries that consisted in large part of every towel we own, tried to prevent cats from chewing on the drainage tubes from the dehumidifiers which are clear and have bubbles moving through them and are therefore the Most Exciting Things Since Long Threads Loose On Clothing. Did I mention that between the cats and the fans, I only got about three hours of uninterrupted sleep? Daisy and Rosie both decided they needed to sleep with us -- Rosie across my feet, Daisy on apaulled's pillow right above his head -- and we had to leave a night-light on in the hall in case Adam needed a bathroom run, so my brain is completely fried.

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The state of things: carpets feel dry to the touch but I have no idea how they'll test for mold/mildew/whatever. Wood beams look dry but I have no idea how they'll test for rot. Hopefully Adam will be well enough to go to school tomorrow so I can get things done for a bit and get out of the house, because Thursday and Friday we have various insurance and repair people coming. Actually managed to watch Boston Legal despite the fan noise, and enjoyed it more than the first two this season -- Alan deeply passionate on a political issue and a cracky cockfighting case where Carl ends up making an Alan-style argument that's quite persuasive, even if the psychology-related case is much too abbreviated and nearly frivolous. Collapse ) Am way way behind on Star Trek news but I see that Variety is reporting that Eric Bana will play the villain in the upcoming movie. Now THERE is a reason for me to see it.
little review


  • 11:37 Finished locking my fannish LiveJournals, now that my son has a LiveJournal. Also going insane from fans and dehumidifiers and being stu ... #
  • 12:32 Officially going insane in house with loud fans, sick boy and pesked cats! #
  • 21:30 Turning into a penguin. No, actually just discussing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. #
  • 23:27 Happy Boston Legal is back in form, though I still miss Paul, Brad and Denise. Am amazed I could hear it over the fans. #
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