October 13th, 2007

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Spent most of the morning waiting for the insurance adjustor, then talking to the insurance adjustor. They're covering all the repairs to the drywall, including repainting the walls adjacent to the parts of the ceiling that need to be replaced, which is really good news. They're not covering the plumbing issues that caused the flood as that's considered normal wear and tear, but really I think we were lucky (or, rather, it paid to get the level of Nationwide homeowners' coverage that we have). The next few weeks are going to be hellacious anyway, as there is much furniture that must be moved for the repairs and there will be sawing and spackling and all that insanity, but I am playing the "it's only stuff" recording in my head and trying to remember the serenity prayer. *g*

Wrote a review of "Where Silence Has Lease" which is the most painfully boring Next Gen episode I can recall, covered the Star Trek movie price tag ($50,000,000+) while Christian covered Simon Pegg and John Cho signing to play Scotty and Sulu (both disappointments to me given who else was up for the roles). Paramount's allegedly thisclose to signing Chris Pine to play Kirk but thus far no confirmation, and they've supposedly been thisclose to signing a Kirk before, so we'll see.

Watched Flash Gordon and the Battle of the Metal Ahn Woon because we are all losers here (rooted for the other guy, since the episode had at least as much in common with bad Klingon honor storylines with all of Ron Moore's sexism at the fore as with "Amok Time"). Then watched Atlantis, thinking maybe I would love a Ronon-centric episode, but it was entirely predictable and not all that well acted by the guest cast, so I am still not a convert. Though I guess I'm watching. Meanwhile, Daniel has discovered lolcats and has been making cat macros...here are some examples!

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little review


  • 11:38 Insurance adjustor is here. My fingernails may not survive. #
  • 13:07 STRESSED. My whole house is going to be ripped, scraped and sanded. #
  • 15:18 STILL STRESSED. Having trouble coming up with a single thing to say about bad TNG episode, too. #
  • 15:19 evil. How wrong is it that the moment I read Orlando Bloom was driving that crew guy's car, I assumed they were sleeping together? #
  • 19:53 coming home from dinner with parents. Someone remind me to pick up their mail/newspaper tomorrow! #
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