October 25th, 2007

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Poem for Thursday

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I had an incredibly mundane, boring morning and afternoon...followed by an incredibly strange evening of burning bridges. Really, I should say rerouting bridges -- burning is a serious matter, and I think I salvaged two relationships that would probably have fallen apart if they'd continued as they had, one with someone from whom I am likely to need a recommendation at some point in the future. It's been exhilarating and very stressful and I am completely wiped out.

I can't really talk about the circumstances that triggered it, but I gave notice at TrekToday. Hopefully I'll keep reviewing Next Gen, but even that is up in the air. It's nothing to do with the site or with the Star Trek I love, which ceased to exist some time during Voyager's third season. But that said, once it was done, I was so aware that I should have made this break already...that I've been frustrated and bored and not remotely a fan of the franchise literally for years. It's better for everyone.

Well, except me financially...there have been lots of months where that was my only paid freelancing. I need a job, and I need to knuckle down on unfinished projects and I really need to figure out what I want to do. But not tonight. Missed the second half of Pushing Daisies picking up my parents from Dulles, now watching the Red Sox win a game the umpires should end under a mercy rule. Thursday the contractors are coming and we start the process of putting the house back together after the flood.

My parents are home from California and the fires, sinus-singed and cranky. My uncle is back in his house tonight; his neighborhood suffered and there are still fires in the forest on the mountain above it, but it sounds like things are worse in his old neighborhood near Santa Clarita and his nearly-new house has been spared. That's very good news.

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little review


  • 16:14 Went to the mall to get some gifts, discovered that the English Trading Company has Taylors of Harrogate tea again. Yay! #
  • 17:17 No no no no I don't want a headache! I have to get my parents at the airport tonight! #
  • 18:45 Wow, I did it. I told him I quit. Am waiting for the OH GOD I NEED A JOB terror to set in. #
  • 20:17 @ mrkinch Thanks! Am feeling a bit berserk at the moment. #
  • 20:18 Leaving to get parents from airport. Weird weird day OMG #
  • 21:18 At Dulles. Local news is here interviewing people who escaped from the fires. #
  • 00:03 There should be a mercy rule when it's 13-1 in the ninth. #
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