October 26th, 2007

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Poem for Friday

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These entries are likely to be fragmentary and boring for awhile. I talked to the TrekToday site owner; he may be angry that I am leaving but he is being very civil, in part because he wants me to stay until he finds a replacement. The good news is that I get to keep reviewing Next Gen. I told him I'm happy to fill in when he needs me, there are just certain stories about certain people that I won't write. *g* Today I wrote three trivial Trek articles that were completely painless, I guess because I don't feel like I'll be drowning in this stuff forever.

Had the contractor and his people here in the morning, discussing what insurance is and is not covering in terms of painting (every ceiling in this house is adjacent really, and most of the walls). Discovered we have to move a ton (possibly literally) of stuff in the living room so the walls can be painted. Had a lovely lunch with gblvr at Tara Thai, where we haven't been in months -- I was so in the mood for Tom Ka Gai and Pad See Ew! Came home, had entertaining discussion of ancient history over homework with Adam, saw via E! Online that Angels and Demons is scheduled to start shooting if they can get a script in before the writers' strike, which pleases me because I rather liked The Da Vinci Code, having no great literary expectations of it. Here are some photos from Lilypons -- I wish I was better at judging how much polarizing I need!

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Before Smallville and the very silly Next Gen episode "The Outrageous Okona" that I somehow must review coherently tomorrow, we put on the second half of last night's Pushing Daisies, my current favorite show by a long stretch. Collapse ) Smallville did not make me squee nearly so much, though this was one of the season's better episodes if one got over the "There's a whole segment of our fans who are obsessed psychos!" theme on the part of the writers. Collapse )
little review


  • 15:55 Had lunch with gblvr. Not quite free of Trek news yet...trying to write some. #
  • 18:16 Son has just told me the government allows up to three crushed maggots in commercial tomato juice. #
  • 21:34 Bad TNG is still painful. Not even Wesley's crush on the rogue makes it better. #
  • 22:45 @jjtaylor Can I have some plums? *g* #
  • 22:45 Feeling relentless about wanting to give away Star Trek books, but want to do it in bulk to someone who really wants them. #
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