October 27th, 2007

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Poem for Saturday

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In a rare reversal of how things usually work, the delivery people from Sears said they would arrive between 9 and 11 to install our microwave...and it's a good thing I was a bit late getting into the shower, because they were here at 8:30. This caused great excitement among the cats, each of whom struggled valiantly to get into the box from which the new microwave emerged, but the old microwave had to be deposited in it to be hauled away, causing much woe. After the microwave was installed, however, I had to clean the counters and that inspired some cleaning out of cabinets and oh, did it cause excitement when there was enough space for a kitten to hide in a cabinet! Unfortunately she knocked out a cracked plastic bowl that I managed to shred one finger on while collecting it to throw out. Ouch.

Wrote a review of "The Outrageous Okona", probably not as scathing as it should have been but what the heck, I'm feeling lots of affection toward TNG these days, especially when there are fun guest stars. Even though I said some of these things myself, I will link to EW on Dumbledore, because he said it more coherently than I did...by the time I got around to articulating these things, I was sickened by some of the comments I was seeing.

Had dinner with thescarletwoman and jateshi at Minerva, the Indian restaurant where I sometimes go with cidercupcakes -- I've never been there for dinner before and the platters are fantastic. We talked music and anime and fandom and theater, and jateshi promised to teach me about doujinshi. And it was wonderful to meet thescarletwoman in the flesh at last! After dinner we went out for ice cream, which I really didn't need but it meant that we could keep yakking for awhile before we had to go retrieve the kids from my parents, who had taken them to Clyde's. My mother brought me a tie-dye shirt back from San Diego, so now I am in hippie undersea colors and feeling mellow.

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Plans Saturday depend on the weather, and how wet the ground is even if the air is dry!
little review


  • 11:24 Microwave is installed! Kitchen counters now must be cleaned! #
  • 12:33 Cut finger cleaning up after microwave installation. Why do fingers bleed so much? Ow! #
  • 15:46 This should NOT be taking so long to write... #
  • 23:36 Back from dinner with friends -- fabulous Indian food in Fairfax. Being this full makes me sleepy. #
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