November 2nd, 2007

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Poem for Friday

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My kids had no school Thursday -- ostensibly so teachers could prepare report cards, but I think wanting to avoid post-Halloween sugar crashing might have had something to do with the county's timing -- so after a morning overseeing home repairs, we spent the afternoon with my in-laws at three Frederick County parks with spectacular fall color (we go every year, you can see previous photos and find more links if you scroll back through previous fall entries). Our first stop was Gambrill, atop High Knob, where we picnicked and hiked the trail around the overlooks; then we went to Washington Monument on South Mountain, which crosses the Appalachian Trail and has spectacular views from the top; and finally we went to Gathland, at a Civil War crossroads with a museum and the ruins of a grand estate. It was completely overcast when we were at Gambrill and partly cloudy at Washington Monument, but by late afternoon when we reached Gathland, the sky was gorgeous deep autumn blue.

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More photos later in the week after I get them organized. Got home in time to eat a quick dinner (chicken korma and alu chole, mmmm) and watch Smallville, which was reasonably entertaining but boy, they really aren't bothering to hire any actors of the caliber of John Glover or Michael Rosenbaum any more, are they? Collapse ) Was at least very pleased to see that Duchovny, Anderson, Carter and Spotnitz are all apparently on board for the X-Files sequel! This makes me very happy! And as for Rowling and the encyclopedia and the lexicon and Steve Vander Ark...oh wait, I promised only fannish delight wherever possible, and though I have taken happy advantage of the online lexicon many times and have scoffed at Pocket Books' attempts to keep unofficial Star Trek reference guides off the market and have met an incredible number of fans more interested in profit than fandom and can think of much to say on all sides of the issue, I will simply stay out of the wank.
little review


  • 12:56 Driving to the mountains since kids have no school...will picnic with in-laws and eat leftover candy! #
  • 15:01 Driving down from High Knob to South Mountain in gorgeous fall weather! #
  • 19:19 Back from lovely late afternoon view of Gathland State Park. #
  • 21:41 Silly Smallville! Silly TNG! Good pair! #
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