November 4th, 2007

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Poem for Sunday

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Our original Saturday plan was to meet my in-laws at Catoctin Mountain National Park, but You Know Who is apparently at Camp David this weekend so most of the park is closed. Instead we decided to go to Sugarloaf Mountain, which is much closer to us on the Montgomery-Frederick County border. But first we went to a Swedish bazaar at St. James' Episcopal Church, sponsored by Vasa Order of America. My in-laws had ordered us to look for lingonberries, but those were long gone when we arrived...however, there were lots of baked goods and marzipan and hot meatballs and sausage, and books and souvenirs and DVD players set up with travel information. It was surprisingly crowded...I'm not sure if that's because I hadn't realized how big the local Swedish immigrant population is or if most of the people there weren't of Swedish descent but like Swedish food and culture!

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From there we went to Sugarloaf Mountain, where instead of climbing to the summit as we usually do, we took the long circular trail around to the other overlooks. It was a gorgeous day, and though the color is not quite so spectacular in this county as in the Frederick and Washington County mountains, there were still a lot of red and gold leaves and still a lot of green as well. It makes me hopeful that maybe Catoctin will still have its spectacular yellow foliage if we get there next weekend.

apaulled made jambalaya for dinner (with Andouille-style turkey sausage since I don't eat pork), then we watched Night at the Museum on On Demand because we hadn't seen it since that one time at the movies. I am very up and down on Ben Stiller -- have really loved him in several movies but have really loathed the parts he chose to play in others -- and this is one that I adore, both the character and the entire premise of the film, in a museum for which I feel the same kind of affection as the filmmakers obviously do. The women's roles aren't much but they aren't really irksome and I like his mother dissing his choice of career. *g*

Now must remember to turn the clocks back. Sunday we are planning to go to Chestertown for the Sultana Downrigging Weekend Ship Tours, but there is some chance that the contractors will tell us we have to move everything in the living room Sunday instead of Monday and Chestertown is an hour and a half away. So I am really hoping to get that one more day so we can go see the ships!
little review


  • 11:12 Catoctin National Park closed -- the dictator is at Camp David. Guess we'll go to Sugarloaf intead. #
  • 13:23 En route to Sugarloaf Mtn via a Swedish crafts festival. #
  • 16:12 Down from Sugarloaf and vineyard, gorgeous afternoon! #
  • 19:54 'Night at the Museum' is on On Demand. Kids' vote wins, which is fine -- I enjoyed that in the theater. #
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