November 20th, 2007

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I had a bunch of chores I needed to go out and do, but by the time I had my packages ready for the post office, Verizon was banging on the door to tell me that one of my neighbors had called to complain that she was getting all of our calls and apparently our lines were crossed. So that's how I managed a morning without a single sales call! But I had to stay in the house while they poked and prodded at the box -- I'm really not clear why they needed me here, since it seems like the problem was entirely outside, except to test the line at the end. Then I had less than an hour to get to the post office and mail the packages before Adam got home from school, and how did I not know that the post office had discontinued surface mail to Europe? $40 to send a medium-sized box to England, eesh! Next time I need to call FedEx, UPS and moving companies to see who ships the most affordably.

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If it's Monday, I must have watched Heroes and Journeyman -- the former because my kids watch, the latter because it's growing on apaulled and me, though I bet that if we didn't have the former on, we'd forget about the latter. I keep feeling like I missed an episode of Heroes somewhere, though I know I didn' there must be more to Elle than we see, like Sylar and the twins must somehow fit in to this season's other storylines in a way I've forgotten. Collapse ) As for Journeyman, the whole reason I avoid all the police procedurals is that they're violent and nasty. I thought more of Dan's work would be about the bigger picture, how we're all linked together and all that...but it mostly seems, as he said to Livia, really random. Collapse ) I still like all the actors but will I have any incentive to come back after the strike?

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