November 21st, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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On Tuesday I did most of the stupid shopping stuff that I didn't get done Monday, which included such exciting activities as finding clothespins for younger son for a project (we only had the straight arts-and-crafts variety, he needed the ones with pincers), getting a new mattress cover (someone's claws tore ours despite having been clipped often) and tracking down dot matrix photo quality paper (still don't think I have the right thing as I'm getting very uneven results printing). Then took Adam to Hebrew school, read most of a book on Ruskin and Turner that I've read before but wanted to read again after the exhibit at the National Gallery last weekend, did three laundries and backed up a bunch of music and stuff onto my external drive, which was weeks behind. Collapse )

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apaulled brought home Live Free or Die Hard, to which we figured we were entitled on DVD since we never managed to see it in the theaters and we own the first three on DVD anyway. (Yes, I know I am supposed to be boycotting buying DVDs till the writers' strike ends, but since it doesn't look like the strike is going to end before Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End comes out on December 4th, and no way am I waiting to buy that, I am filing this under, "Yes, and I ate that Nestle Mint Aero bar, thus making myself personally responsible for the suffering of babies in Latin America, but that boycott has been around since I was younger than my children, thus suggesting to me that it isn't making a dent in the Nestle corporation, and I worry about babies in Latin America a hell of lot more than I worry about Joss Whedon's internet residuals." Unfriend me if you wish.) Anyway! Collapse )