November 24th, 2007


Poem for Saturday

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There's no point in talking about my day before 5 p.m because I spent it waiting for the plumber. Who was supposed to arrive at noon. And then at three. And then at four. I said, no point in talking about it. The kids had no school and alternated between playing games here, playing games at a friend's house and playing outside on this first really cool day of the fall. Adam was up from about 7 a.m. like I was, Daniel slept till 10, I worked on holiday card notes and rearranged my summer and winter clothes in my closet and wrote a review of "A Matter of Honor", the enormously entertaining Next Gen episode in which Riker takes an assignment on a Klingon ship.

No surprise whatsoever here, but we will not be seeing my sister and her husband again this trip: after going downtown with their oldest daughter, they took off to stay in a hotel in Georgetown, leaving the girls with my parents, and will meet up at the airport tomorrow. We had dinner with my parents and all the kids and had a very nice that the two older girls are movie- and game-literate, it doesn't matter to my boys so much that they also like Hannah Montana and Dora the Explorer and the Spiderwick books (apparently little has changed since I was young and it is still cool for girls to like "boy" books but totally uncool for boys to like "girl" stuff in middle school, sigh).

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