November 27th, 2007

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Poem for Tuesday

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I spent the morning playing with my web pages at trying to teach myself more CSS than I already know...does anyone have recommendations for really good web sites or a CSS For Dummies type book? I still have lots and lots of work to particular, I need to come up with an index page for my photos where I have some kind of menu in a sidebar and can make photos come up in the main content area. And then I need to figure out how to do the same for my 1000+ reviews and stuff...I deliberately kept the html on those pages very simple in case one day I figured out how to design tables or framesets for something similar, but I've never found a way to use tables or framesets that worked consistently on most browsers the way CSS seems to. I might even get out our ancient Mac to see how things look on that monitor.

Right after school I had to pick up both kids, drop some stuff off at the library that was due today and then take them to the opthalmologist. As usual the doctor was running more than a half hour late, and as usual it took twenty minutes for the drops to dilate their eyes, so we were there well into the evening, with them bored and running their mouths endlessly. Opthalmologist had Happy Feet on in the office and when we came home I had put on a clip of an old friend's sister, a professional singer, performing "Think of Me" which led to Phantom of the Opera on the TV before Heroes. There was no point in trying to watch the news; there could have been a nuclear war in Asia and a Redskin getting shot would still have had ten minutes of air time first. I wanted to know what was going on with the Mideast peace talks, but it was all Sean Taylor. And I can't read news and do dishes at the same time.

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Watched both Heroes and Journeyman half-attentively while conversing with kids and distracting cats. Collapse ) When the NBC lineup finished, we watched the end of the silliest Monday Night Football game ever, 3-0 with the only score in the final minute of the game. The punts just landed and stuck on the soaking wet field. Of course, the last there was a 3-0 loss, the loser was...the Redskins!