November 29th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I wish I had something exciting to report but I feel like this is a very boring time of year. Don't get me wrong, a fun time of year anticipating stuff, though for me it's a bit melancholy since I keep getting reminders that I am getting old and I don't just mean because my children tell me so regularly. *g* Daniel decided I could have the really soft warm microfiber animal print throw my mother got him months ago that he had never even taken out of the package, so I am sitting very comfortably under it in my new chenille sweater on sale at Sears for under $20 -- I love chenille and microfiber, and velvet and velour and all the soft snuggly things this time of year. And I love the bourbon chicken in the mall food court, and I had that for lunch since I was out shopping for presents and returning stuff. Am working on framesets for's photo pages...right now they're in html, next up is learning css for that!

The rest of my squee for the day is stuff like the baby bottlenose dolphin at the National Aquarium and the fact that I can keep watching the Alan Rickman clip from Sweeney Todd over and over, even though I am wildly ambivalent about that movie...absolutely adore the casting but then I am terrified about the music, having grown up with the Lansbury-Cariou Broadway album in the days when albums were vinyl, and does Alan remind me a bit too much of Snape swooping around and will that affect Snape for me in the movies and I am overthinking this! Evening television was the Shrek Christmas special, which was cute enough but why must ogres celebrate Christmas as opposed to some ogre-specific solstice holiday that would have made me much happier while conveying the same message about togetherness and blah blah blah? Anyway, in Donkey's honor:

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After Shrek we watched the Grinch because it was on, and then Pushing Daisies. I'm sure it was the fault of the Christmas specials, but I was thinking about the dead fruit and the pies and the loaves and the fishes, and "Morning Has Broken" and "Birdhouse in Your Soul" and Ned's pacifism and Chuck as Christ figure, and lots of other potentially cracked theological analysis which I threw aside when I couldn't fit the sex doll into the equation. When did sex dolls become so mainstream? Between Boston Legal and Lars and the Real Girl and this, I'm starting to feel uncool because I've actually never seen a sex doll live. Collapse )