December 2nd, 2007

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Daniel volunteered at Hebrew school in the morning and needed to be at school for a couple of hours in the afternoon to work on a project with the rest of the robotics club, so Paul, Adam and I went to California Tortilla and Trader Joe's while waiting for him to finish, then we all drove up out of the city to Laytonsville, where Art of Fire, Dancing Pig Pottery, Greenman Leather and Tuatha were all taking part in the winter Countryside Artisans Tour. I believe I am getting one of these for my birthday. *g*

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Came home, had dinner and watched Shrek the Third, which I didn't know whether I would love -- I enjoyed the first two but I don't watch them compulsively the way I do, say, The Road to El Dorado or Mulan. Oh, but it rocked! And I'm very glad I saw Enchanted before this one because it would have suffered by comparison otherwise! Collapse ) Perfectly enjoyable way to spend an evening, and now the world of college football is being thrown into chaos as Oklahoma beats Mizzou. (Why did it have to be Oklahoma!) The BCS show on Sunday might actually be kind of entertaining, not that I will ever understand how they think we will need three hours! I'm watching the Brotherhood finale regardless!