December 3rd, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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After Adam got back from the Hebrew school Chanukah party, we made our yearly (well, these days sometimes every-other-yearly) trip to the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum for the holiday train show. Santa Claus was there in the sleigh out in front of the caboose, which houses the N-scale trains, and there were gingerbread cookies and tea in the station plus the G, HO, Z-scale layouts and Lego trains. The museum has permanent exhibits about the history of the station and its temporary status as a Civil War hospital where Clara Barton nursed Union soldiers.

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Collapse ) Collapse ) Collapse ) And the Redskins managed to lose the Sean Taylor tribute game, and one of the cats is sleeping on the new scratch mat, and, okay, I'm begging: I want to create a page in CSS that does what this one does, only (obviously) without using frames. (Also obviously, if you click: warning for frames!) I can't figure out how to make an index page where pages will pop up in the main content window, only how to make it look like that's happening by having the same repeating left column on every page, but to use that would require modifying every page! Can anyone help?