December 4th, 2007

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Poem for Tuesday

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Other than a lovely lunch with perkypaduan at Tara Thai on this windy day where we lost most of the remaining leaves in my neighborhood and saw our first snowflakes of the season, I spent most of the day working on configuring our new laptop. *g* We've needed a new one since the old Gateway died, though we've been making do sneaking turns on apaulled's work laptop, but I'm always worried someone will leave something on there they shouldn't in a chat transcript or that the company can somehow trace the browser history...we got another Dell because we've owned four now, three new, one inherited from my parents, and we've been very, very happy with all of them, plus we could get the new one loaded with XP instead of Vista which was a big consideration!

So I spent most of the afternoon and evening downloading and installing Firefox, CoreFTP, Free Download Manager, etc., importing bookmarks, digging out the ancient Photoshop installation CDs, trying to figure out whether that Foxmarks program will be more trouble than it's worth and all that. This computer is widescreen and has a built-in 8-in-1 card reader and a DVD burner and lots of nifty features I have not had time to play with yet, and it weighs less than the old laptop and is thinner and cost less...I love how technology is developing in that regard!

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Am refusing to stress out any further about LiveJournal until we actually see signs of further change...I've already backed up all the entries elsewhere, I just don't want the service to go under altogether because I have so many photos here. I am assuming that they will not retroactively take away privileges from paid and permanent account holders if they expect to have any hope of retaining customers. Six Apart already made me lock or remove much worse can the new management be, whether they use US or Russian standards of "decency" as the latest arbitrary reason for restricting our freedom of speech?

Watched Heroes. I'm sort of relieved this season is over. I find it ironic that I dislike nearly everyone more than I did at the end of last season with a single exception: Nathan, the character everyone seemed to love but me, but I feel like all his backbone this season came at the expense of his mother and in the absence of his wife. The sexual politics of the show have been retro all season and tonight's finale was no exception: Collapse ) Have just watched the most frustrating Monday Night Football ever, where it looked for a long time like the Ravens would end the Patriots' perfect streak but then blew it at the very end of the game and New England won! Sigh! And I'm seeing my in-laws Tuesday at younger son's winter concert! Ah well, Happy Chanukah!