December 5th, 2007

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Poem recced by chaosmanor whom I thank. I did some writing and some cleaning in anticipation of Paul's parents' arrival in the afternoon to attend Adam's school orchestra concert and celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday and the start of Chanukah. My parents came for dinner too, and all eight of us crammed into the kitchen for latkes and pan-fried chicken (got to have that oil)! Plus Paul made a cookie cake. The concert was terrific -- this middle school orchestra is really extraordinarily good, they played the third Brandenburg Concerto superbly, and a Taiwanese piece and some fiddle tunes and the Wexford Carol. Plus I got a wonderful Chanukah present from mamadracula! And I got holiday cards from bronze_ribbons and celandineb!

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Was a bit distracted for Boston Legal due to cleanup and having been out all evening, but there was a lot I liked in the episode...much more than in the last couple, at least. Like, Shirley and Bethany go head-to-head and Paul is back! I expected the Denny-as-Larry-Craig storyline to be my favorite of the evening, but despite Stephen Culp as a gay D.A. -- and what a week that actor is having -- I still preferred Shirley's free speech case. Collapse )