December 6th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Another poem from chaosmanor. There was a quarter inch of snow on the ground when my kids left for school in the morning and it continued to accumulate all day. I love snow but I hate driving in it, so since gblvr couldn't make it to lunch anyway, I had a quiet morning at home working on my new laptop to install VLC Media Player, Audacity and various other things I hadn't gotten around to yet. (I keep meaning to rant about Facebook's Beacon affiliation, which makes even the latest insanity at LiveJournal seem less infuriating -- well, except that Facebook is free so I have no investment there -- and hangingfire put up a post linking to BlockSite which I hadn't known about.) Now, I know I have asked this before and I think melinafandom answered me but I can't find it, so I will ask again: does anyone have a recommendation for an AVI converter to burn to DVD? Must such a file be turned into an MPG first? And is the sound getting out of sync inevitable?

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My afternoon consisted of heated arguments with children about keeping their grades up, in and around getting them bundled up to go sledding, rearranging a whole bunch of stuff in my bedroom to move older obsessions out and newer obsessions in (my Lord of the Rings Barbies are now more dramatically displayed than ever before, which is kind of weird at this late date), and doing laundry that will have to be folded in the morning. Evening entertainment was jelly donuts for Chanukah (which was always my preferred spelling of all the options but people online overwhelmingly seem to prefer Hanukkah, which throws me), plus Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End which was a family gift for the holiday this evening and just as awesome as ever. Thursday the kids are likely to have a delayed opening for school so who knows if I will be able to get much done!