December 7th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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My children had a two hour delay due to the snow on the ground before school started this morning, which of course means that I was up earlier than usual rather than getting to sleep late, trying to find out whether and when they needed to wake up! Paul agreed to drive Daniel to the bus so I didn't have to fight with our as-usual not-plowed neighborhood streets. After sending Adam off, I did some more cleaning/rearranging -- Purple Heart is collecting tomorrow, we have a bunch of stuff I wanted to get organized and bagged for them -- folded laundry and watched a Next Gen episode I need to review on Friday. Please try not to envy my exciting life.

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We had dinner with my parents because they're going to a farewell dinner for our shul's Hebrew school teacher tomorrow night (sounds like there were some nasty politics in his replacement, I stay out of that), so we had latkes and roast chicken and lit the candles there. We also watched most of the awesome POTC3 extras -- one reason I don't at all begrudge anything Jerry Bruckheimer does is that his DVD packages are wonderful. Collapse ) And the Redskins just beat the Bears, huzzah, and I avoided the news all day because it seemed to be all Omaha shooter, all the time (man says he wants to die famous, TV gives him his posthumous fantasy), so I think I shall go to sleep while I'm ahead. Have a good day which will live in infamy.