December 9th, 2007

green little review

Poem for Sunday

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Our original plan for the day was to do some chores, then leave the kids with my parents for 24 hours so Paul and I could go out to dinner and a concert, then downtown on Sunday to museums, but my father has a bad cold and since Adam goes to outdoor ed next week, we all decided that we really didn't want to risk him being sick, so we just let my mother take the kids out to dinner and are back home with them now. Earlier we took them to Target to get detergent, a micro-umbrella and hiking shoes for younger son to wear at outdoor ed. We also stopped in Bath & Body Works (which has those pretty velour bags filled with Velvet Tuberose products at 50% off, whoo!) and took a walk around the lake at Washingtonian Center, which had both a Humane Society adoption truck and a Santa Claus visiting in the square by the lake:

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That last photo is from the Ocean Quintet's Winter Light concert at Herndon's Industrial Strength Theatre, taken before the musicians came out to perform -- despite being sold out, it was an intimate concert and I didn't try to take any photos during it. Jennifer wrote a bunch of songs for the season, including the title "Winter Light" song in which the singers, holding electric candles, paid tribute to Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Brighid and various other light- and inspiration-bringing religious leaders (Jennifer apologized for not knowing any Celtic Chanukah songs given the date). They also did a sing-along wassailing song and another song by Jennifer about bah-humbugs of the season set to Gilbert and Sullivan, but I can't say any more about that, as we all agreed that what happens at the Industrial Strength Theatre stays at the Industrial Strength Theatre. *g*

And we had wonderful Thai, Afghan and Middle Eastern food at A Taste of the World, and stopped in Crystalis to look at crystals, beads and Tarot decks, so it was a lovely evening. dementordelta, thank you for my holiday card! Sunday if the weather cooperates we are dragging our kids downtown with us to art museums. Wish us and Asher B. Durand luck.