December 11th, 2007


Poem for Tuesday

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Worked on stupid web stuff that went nowhere -- I need a proper class in CSS, I think -- and put together final Chanukah presents, which included framing a photo of Adam with penguins while keeping the cats from either sitting on the glass, chewing on the matte or crawling into the tube in which the photo arrived from Shutterfly. It was a pretty quiet day even after the kids got home from school; both kids had homework, I was recording Crimson Tide, which is on On Demand and which I haven't seen in a few years, and the whole family ended up watching the last hour or so. I love Viggo and Denzel and James Gandolfini in that film, and Gene Hackman is really frightening and the rest of the cast is really terrific too.

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I get a thrill from the posters, the idea of the rigging as the sinews of war, and the artwork in the Joan of Arc poster and the one above it with an early 1900s fantasia of apocalyptic New York with the Statue of Liberty's head lying on the ground. Journeyman -- was this the last one finished before the strike? -- was for a change not very apocalyptic but entirely a family story, though once more "family" overwhelmingly means "important stuff men do and how they bond with and relate to one another" which grates after awhile. Collapse )