December 12th, 2007

get critical

Poem for Wednesday

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I had a pretty quiet birthday, as I had to get a bit of shopping and more than a bit of laundry done to send Adam off for three days of outdoor ed the next morning...what we called science camp when I was growing up. Had lunch with vertigo66 and gblvr (Corner Bakery), had dinner with my parents (shrimp au gratin and Nubian chocolate roll), celebrated the last night of Chanukah both at my parents' house and at ours (I got the gorgeous catalogue of the J.M.W. Turner exhibit published by the Tate Museum, Chesapeake: Exploring the Water Trail of Captain John Smith, the second season of Mission: Impossible on DVD, and some money from my parents, plus HP:OOTP for the family and packs of the POTC constructible ship cards that can be played with the various WizKids Pirates games). Am seeing on the news that there's a tropical storm in the Caribbean and horrific footage of the mudslide out west and the ice storm closer to here...hope everyone is safe!

My cats waiting eagerly to wish me happy birthday. Oh, fine, my cats waiting eagerly for me to walk in the kitchen and feed them.

Came home, got Adam packed and tucked in, made Daniel finish homework, did a bit of cleanup and watched Boston Legal. Sometimes I really wish David E. Kelley weren't so coy about his political beliefs, you know? *snerk* The points for skewering this week are the National Guard's failure to accept willing members who don't fit their demographics and the No Child Left Behind act...definitely one of my favorites of the season even apart from Alan earnestly telling a National Guard recruitment officer that he and Denny get plenty of exercise, fiber and sex. Collapse )