December 13th, 2007

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I got up early to send Adam off to outdoor education, along with his best friend whose mother has two babies in the house and didn't think she could juggle the babies, the duffel bag and the sleeping bag. When I did outdoor ed in sixth grade, it was called science camp and was the culmination of elementary school; my kids go at the start of middle school, so it's a much bigger group whom they know half as well. Adam has never been to overnight camp, only single-night retreat-type things, so he was a bit nervous, but looking forward to it too -- Daniel went his third week of middle school knowing practically nobody and had a great time. They do a lot of outdoor stuff and although it was 60 degrees this morning, it's supposed to drop off so much tonight that the county sent out a winter weather advisory for the morning rush hour in case the rain freezes on the roadways. The kids are up in the mountains near the Pennsylvania border and I hope they're not freezing!

Since we didn't on my birthday, I went out to lunch with Paul (Minerva, the awesome Indian restaurant), then stopped at Best Buy to pick up December Boys in case dementordelta should happen to drop by on Thursday or something. *whistles* Then I stopped at the mall to look for a couple of presents and came home to do some organizing -- had to put the new art books out of reach of claws that occasionally decide to use something other than the scratching post for scratching. I had a pounding headache, the beginning of a migraine, so it did not surprise me when I got the county's weather warning even though in the morning they were still saying it would be clear till the weekend. It's better now...had chicken soup for dinner after huge lunch and stayed away from holiday cookies for the most part. *g*

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I was so excited to discover that Pushing Daisies had another new episode -- I thought they had aired all the ones they had filmed! From the Play-Doh opening, I loved all of this one, especially the ending which makes so many things make more sense! Collapse ) Okay, and after Pushing Daisies, I did a terrible thing. I, um, watched Braveheart on cable. Enough said about that. (Look, I'd never seen it and I was curious and the cast outside the lead is excellent and, okay, fine, tell me I suck because I deserve it...I, who will not watch Sean Connery movies because he makes me sick.) I shall just declare this Guilty Pleasure Film Week and watch Daniel Radcliffe lose his virginity as the least of my evils so far!