December 14th, 2007

little review

Poem for Friday

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I spent a lovely day with dementordelta, who took me out for Thai food and brought me glass, magnetic and metal seahorses, Bath & Body Works potions, tall ship books, a Dorothy Parker puppet and Prince Ken! After going to Benjarong (on the new Montrose Road, to my surprise, as I wasn't expecting the road diversion), we came back to my house, ate the remainder of my Nubian chocolate roll and indulged ourselves in Daniel Radcliffe movies -- December Boys, My Boy Jack and the Order of the Phoenix DVD extras. December Boys was not as cliched as the reviews led me to believe, though maybe I just don't know my Catholic orphan stereotypes well enough...all the young actors were very good, the guy playing Fearless could be the love child of Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman and his wife was played by Xena hottie Victoria Hill. Also, the scenery is very prettily shot...the is movie very easy on the eyes in so many ways. Collapse )

I thought My Boy Jack was actually a better-scripted movie and magnificently filmed...I realize it was made for TV but if they cut corners on the battle scenes, I certainly couldn't see it on the small screen (we watched an .avi file on my new laptop). The acting is first-rate -- Caroline Kipling is my favorite Kim Cattrall role ever, completely unglamorous and focused, and David Haig (who also wrote the screenplay) and Carey Mulligan are terrific too. I knew in broad strokes what would happen, but the war scenes were still very upsetting and the contrast with the quiet English countryside was portrayed very well. Plus I liked the relationship between the siblings, the storytelling scenes and the portrayal of the women going out to do hard physical labor while the aristocratic men continued to dress well and sit at nice clean tables discussing the war.

As for the HP extras...ohhgod, I still want a poster of that still of Lucius sitting in the fancy chair with the dogs at his feetl, his brandy in his hand, and his legs spread. We didn't get to the Tonks tour -- is it any good? -- but we did watch the deleted scenes, which as usual were entertaining but nothing that made me desperately wish for an extended edition. Collapse )

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Smallville started out so promisingly: Lois has to rescue Chloe, yay! Girls helping girls and not a Clark in sight! But of course we didn't get so lucky all episode. Collapse ) Was dorkily excited to see that the remains of the Quedagh Merchant, Captain Kidd's pirate ship, have been found. More excited by that anyway than Jodie Foster...some of the same people who were screaming that J.K. Rowling is a homophobe for doing too little too late are now lionizing Foster for a tiny acknowledgment of her partner and co-parent after her 15 years of determined silence on gay issues in Hollywood.