December 18th, 2007

little review

Lyrics for Tuesday

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I had a quiet Monday doing chores around the house and online, plus some post office stuff. When Adam got home from school, he had e-mail for the first time in a long time from his good friend who moved to Venezuela three years ago, convinced the friend to get a Google Talk account and within minutes the two of them were chatting like they'd never stopped. It was really cute (animals and video games being, apparently, a univeral language for boys). Plus I got holiday cards from some overseas friends and fannish friends, and one came with a present!

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Journeyman was pretty good tonight, though not so good that I was devastated to learn earlier in the day that NBC chose not to pick up the show beyond its initial 13 episodes...I just hope the last script completed before the strike resolves some of the mysteries that I think should have been explored in more detail earlier in the series. Collapse ) Read the preview of J.K. Rowling from the upcoming Leaky Cauldron Pottercast and was pleased by this: "In the wizarding world...I think you could be gay, pureblood, and totally without any kind of criticism from the Lucius Malfoys of the world. I don't think that’s something that would interest him at all." That's always how I wrote Lucius. And dementordelta linked me to The Courant's Alan Rickman interview in which he talks about fame, Judge Turpin and "Radcliffe" as he refers to his Harry Potter co-star.

My grandfather would be 97 today. He died a couple of weeks before my wedding in 1990.