December 19th, 2007

get critical

Poem for Wednesday

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I spent a lovely afternoon with perkypaduan eating soup from California Tortilla and watching December Boys. She brought me a home-strung chalcedony, moonstone and silver bead necklace -- my favorite kind of present! And I got holiday cookies in the mail from ribby and a card from totallykate and a really wonderful present...a set of Now Voyagers from someone who'd been cleaning out her Star Trek stuff. I only have two complete sets and sometimes get asked for issues or by prospective employers who want to see issues, so this is a really nice thing for me to have.

In the evening we went to Daniel's school for the December PTSA meeting, holiday mixer and chorus performance. It always takes a while to get over there in rush hour traffic, so we dropped him off, walked to the nearby Starbucks for coffee while he was rehearsing, then went to the school for the event. We weren't home till nearly 9 so we had a very late dinner but it was a lovely concert with Chanukah tunes and carols by both the chamber chorus and the a cappella group, plus some popular songs.

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We did make it home in time for Boston Legal, cracked as usual and lots of fun though again we get Alan more in serious angry mode and there's quite a bit of darkness over the holiday festivities. Collapse ) So I know I am supposed to be all a-squee that Peter Jackson is making The Hobbit. But two movies? The Rankin Bass cartoon managed to fit it into 77 minutes, and while that admittedly has many drawbacks, Jackson should be able to do it in two and a half hours! It's not even like The Two Towers where there are multiple storylines unfolding. I fear that we're going to get a bloated monstrosity like King Kong. And speaking of apes, my kids were frightened to learn that monkeys can perform mental addition in a manner remarkably similar to college students!