December 22nd, 2007


Poem for Saturday

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Had a much less exciting day than yesterday...had to go to the mall to exchange a gift, didn't have trouble parking, the lines were a bit on the long side but overall not as crazy as I feared, and I got to have bourbon chicken for lunch so not a terrible morning. In the afternoon I wrote a review of "The Royale", and it's just as well this episode came up just before a holiday when no one is reading retro Star Trek reviews anyway because there's almost nothing to say about it beyond "Wow, that was silly!" I was more excited by the news that penguin sketches by Robert F. Scott and Ernest Shackleton have been discovered in a Cambridge University basement!

We had dinner with my parents, who are going to my sister's over Christmas since her kids have no school and they can get in the bonding time they missed over Chanukah. Then we came home and watched Doctor Who, a.k.a. Enemy Within, a.k.a. the Eighth Doctor movie, and I loved it so much more than I was expecting even though I love Paul McGann from Horatio Hornblower -- I was never a Doctor fan growing up and no one told me how much I would love Grace, and the American setting amused me because of course he'd visit places on this side of Earth. Though I do have a bunch of questions Collapse )

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Winter arrives in an hour or so. Enjoy it!