December 24th, 2007

get critical

Poem for Monday

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Warm, wet weather kept us indoors for most of the day, so we went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets. The number of plot holes in this film exceeds even the number of holes in that ship under the ice that got blown up at the beginning of the first National Treasure, but did I care? The only thing that bothered me is that in all the times I've been at the University of Maryland, I never once saw Helen Mirren there teaching Pre-Columbian history, and believe me I would have gotten a PhD in the field if she had been. (I did teach a class in McKeldin Library, which can be seen in the film!) As Disney family values films go, I liked this one much better than Enchanted, despite the lack of music; it has a lot of the same paternalistic glorification but the women are grownups with their own jobs and lives, who are impressed by men who are smart rather than charming. And there are no cliched villains either in terms of the story or in terms of American history, unless that archetypal villain of history John Wilkes Booth counts. Collapse )

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The evening activity has been watching the Redskins take a big lead over the Vikings and then look for ways to squander it (with occasional visits outside to look at the moon and Mars, which are very close to one another, through our little telescope). I have noticed that the Redskins play much better when I am not paying any attention, so I did some writing and some reading to avoid watching too closely. Oh, in case any Doctor Who fans reading this don't already know, The Daily Telegraph published an illustrated Tenth Doctor Christmas story by series writer Paul Cornell -- it's here!