December 25th, 2007

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Poem for Tuesday

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I broke the cardinal rule of Christmas Eve, namely: Thou Shalt Not Approach the Mall. Actually the mall wasn't terrible, either getting there or getting a parking place, and when we ran in to pick up older son's reserved Super Mario 64 DS purchased with Chanukah gift money from my uncle, there weren't even crowds. But it was terrible driving from the mall to Bagel City to meet the lovely gblvr, who brought me a lovely Dornick Designs necklace as a holiday present (I'd never seen Dornick's jewelry before, it is so much just my kind of thing!) and put up with my kids yakking nonstop through the meal. And then, after buying some bagels for breakfast -- if we were at my in-laws, we'd be having Swedish holiday pastry with marzipan, so I figured apaulled should have good bagels at least -- we were caught in a nightmare of road closings and the recent Montrose Road rerouting, and the Shell station I went out of my way to reach to buy gas was closed, and it took me more than an hour to get gas and get home. Paul got there before I did, his office having closed early!

I got lots of cards over the past week, including cards from chalcedony, watergal, maddiec24, robinwest, nigita, leucotheasveil, evildrem, thistlerose, iandiinthesky, amedia and cara_chapel (if you sent me one and I left you off, it's probably because I failed to put your RL and LJ names together)! Plus juniperus and iandiinthesky sent me snow globes on Facebook, and discord26 sent me a LiveJournal gift -- thanks, all of you! We had a pretty quiet evening, having baked potatoes stuffed with chili for dinner and watching the Patrick Stewart A Christmas Carol for TNT. I love Stewart in this role and there are a lot of other actors (Laura Fraser, Dominic West) whom I like in supporting roles. But this put us in a rebellious mood so then we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas!

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Merry Christmas! And for those like me who celebrate different winter holidays, enjoy whatever you may be doing!