December 31st, 2007

little review

Poem for Monday

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I'm at my in-laws in Pennsylvania, where my kids are currently teaching my father-in-law to play chess with his Civil War chess set and Paul is watching some football game or other (the Redskins beat the Cowboys to clinch a playoff spot earlier, and that's all I care about). My mother-in-law is working on an itinerary for their England trip in the spring so I am discussing our favorite things to do in London and Bath while typing this.

Earlier in the day, on the drive up, we stopped at Boyd's Bear Country because it's closing for renovations for several months starting tomorrow; we were hoping they'd be having a big sale, but they were pretty wiped out of everything but leftover holiday merchandise and some of the seasonal animals -- I wanted to buy a little bear dressed as a devil, but it turned out he was part of a set and separated from his fellows.

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We went to dinner at Red Lobster with gift cards that Paul's aunt and uncle sent us and his parents for Christmas last year -- I had coconut shrimp and salmon, Daniel had crab legs, Adam had lobster tail, everyone is very full and content! Plus we exchanged holiday presents we missed over the actual holidays. Monday we are probably going to the museums in Harrisburg, depending on whether the rain stays rain or turns into snow overnight.