January 3rd, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I did thrilling things Wednesday like folding laundry from our trip and rearranging the cabinet in which we keep plastic storage containers for food...this required removing and discarding nearly 30 plastic cups with various forms of lids, mostly acquired at restaurants but a few purchased when older son was a toddler. My kids have been old enough to handle glasses for several years now so I have no idea why we still had these taking up space. I also got rid of about 30 plastic deli counter food containers -- do grocery stores or Chicken Out recycle those? Now I have someplace to put my new tea-for-one set that my in-laws got me for Chanukah. I also did a bit of work on my Barbie Tarot deck, since I discovered after that woman wrote to me about the cards that people have actually blogged about it and stuff. *g*

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Evening consisted of the kids discovering World of Warcraft songvids to Jonathan Coulton songs on YouTube and singing about eating my brains endlessly, then the Fiesta Bowl, where we were rooting for WVU who had a terrific first half, an even better third quarter and then tried to give the game away with stupid penalties in the fourth quarter, but they wanted to win so badly and I love watching a team that wants to win so badly they'll keep fighting so hard. And Oklahoma had a ridiculous number of holding penalties.

I can't watch the images from Kenya. It's awful enough when it's Rwanda or Sudan, but Kenya has been relatively stable for long enough that it's shocking as well as horrible. At least it sounds like thinks are a tiny bit calmer in Pakistan, if it lasts.