January 6th, 2008

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Older son spent most of the morning and afternoon at a Robotics Club event, younger son spent most of the morning and afternoon volunteering at Hebrew school and then visiting my parents. The Redskins lost their playoff game against the Seahawks. So the only part of my day worth talking about, the enormously fun part, was dinner with sheafrotherdon, beeej and gblvr at The Melting Pot downtown after we all converged on an academic conference and I and wandered into gay bookstores and stuff. gblvr brought her brand new John Sheppard action figure in her purse, and we insisted that he be put on the table and admired, and the hostess decided he looked lonely and brought him a plastic dinosaur for company, and the Stargate: Atlantis fans at the table decided it was a Rodneysaurus, and...well, in between the Coq Au Vin fondue course and the Flaming Turtle fondue course, this happened:

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And I can't possibly say anything to top that except that sheafrotherdon, beeej and gblvr are awesome, so I'm going to bed!
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