January 13th, 2008


Poem for Sunday

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Once again older son was out nearly all day at robotics and then a lengthy pre-calculus review session, while younger son volunteered in his place at Hebrew school, then came downtown with us as we dragged him to -- and I quote -- a "lame art museum," namely the National Gallery's East Wing, where we intended to see the Hopper exhibit during its last couple of weeks but decided that the hour-plus wait, coupled with our lack of passion for Hopper, made this relatively undesirable so we went to the other galleries instead, then walked the planetary display on the Air & Space side of the National Mall. Younger son made it very clear that he has been to more than his share of art museums in the past eight weeks, so in honor of this announcement, I present the following:

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In the late afternoon we picked up older son from school, where he seemed to be very happy despite it being a weekend and ready to go back for another long day of robotics on Sunday. The evening has consisted of stopping at Giant for toilet paper, then Packers/Seahawks followed by Patriots/Jaguars games. Ask me if I care who won? Not really, though I will root for the Giants against Dallas tomorrow, and may consider rooting for the Giants against the Packers should that game follow!