January 15th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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A water main break near Daniel's high school caused the closure of his middle school and then a nightmarish bus schedule for the county, resulting in the high school being closed at lunchtime right after the second of the day's midterms (there are no afternoon exams, but there were a physics review session and lots of extracurriculars scheduled, including the robotics club). I got different answers from the school office about whether the building itself would be closed or whether students who had things to do between noon and five would be allowed/expected to remain, and didn't know what I was doing until son called to tell me he was getting a ride home with a friend just after noon. So I was in the house pretty much all day, except for a 45-minute walk after apaulled got home, since the weather, though cooler than last week, is still quite warm.

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I liked the second episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles better than the first, in part because Lena Headey is really good in a role I wasn't sure I'd like anyone but Linda Hamilton playing (Summer Glau isn't bad but she seems to be playing a riff off her Firefly character without the extreme mania, which makes me wonder whether she has any range), and in part because I realized Sonya Walger (the nun in The Search for John Gissing) was playing the wife of Dean Winters, which makes me smile because Mike Binder says Alan Rickman discovered her. I can't remember the Terminator movie timelines all that well, but since time travel is involved in everything, I guess that doesn't really matter. It's not like there's anything else to watch on TV right now!