January 16th, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Apparently the water main was repaired near Daniel's school, though we had a brief midday snow squall Tuesday that had me wondering whether we might have a repeat early dismissal (it was over in ten minutes and none of it stuck). So the exam schedule went as planned and Daniel got home just when I was leaving to take Adam to Hebrew school. Thus the biggest excitements of my day were carpooling, taking a long walk and cleaning up around the house to deal with this:

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Boston Legal is finally back on (they filmed nearly a full season, having finished the scripts before the strike, so they can run through much of the spring which makes me very happy). They had to start with lots of catch-up from the end of 2007, including the Denny-and-Alan-join-the-Coast-Guard plot and Jerry's ongoing attempts at dignity, profundity and office romance. Collapse )