January 17th, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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This morning my favorite pair of glasses, the very first pair I got when I needed glasses in my 30s, the ultra-lightweight titanium frames with the lenses least likely to let me see around the edges -- something that gives me headaches -- snapped apart where the metal piece over the nose meets the metal piece that holds the left lens. I have no words for what a loss this is. And of course I have a headache, as I am wearing a pair of perfectly good glasses, also my prescription and reasonably sized and shaped, that are nonetheless not my favorite pair. Woe.

And I read that Scrabulous is finally facing a legal challenge -- I wondered when Hasbro and Mattel would do something about that and was hoping it would be to put up their own, better one rather than shutting it down. So it was a rough morning. The afternoon was merely hectic, as Adam came home and announced that the science fair display that he thought was due on the 23rd is in fact due on the 17th, so I had to upload photos to CVS then pick them up, resize and print out numerous charts and diagrams then help crop them and paste them down, etc. At one point I was trying to import an older Excel document into a newer version of Word for younger son while making tea for Daniel, moving laundry, answering the phone and emptying the dishwasher...I swear my ability to multi-task gets worse with each passing day. I didn't even remember that I only got halfway through the dishwasher till Paul came home.

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Thursday is supposed to be the last day of high school midterms and I am hoping older son gets through both of his before the predicted snowstorm hits -- they're saying snow at 7 a.m., which is well after his morning bus leaves, and then steady snow through the morning leading into an afternoon wintry mix. Plus have just learned that the release date on Super Smash Bros Brawl has been put off nearly a month and the kids will mourn when they learn. At least the science fair project is done, school or no school. And tomorrow can watch new Torchwood, yay!