January 19th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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Daniel had no school, being finished with finals, so when he finally woke up with a bit of urging from cats at nearly 11, I dragged him out to buy new pants -- he hates jeans, khakis and pretty much anything that aren't sweatpants, but he also hates sweatpants that have running stripes or anything, so it's really hard to dress him at present as he has men's legs but a boy's waist -- and to Bagel City for lunch. The lunch portion of the excursion (lox spread on rye, tuna on b&w) was far more successful than the clothes-shopping portion, which was about as I expected. At least the roads were entirely clear, with just a bit of ice right around the van where the sun hadn't gotten through to melt it. My review of "Q Who" was perhaps a bit rushed, but since it's pretty much unreservedly positive, hopefully no one will care.

When I got home I was clearing some books off my desk and realized that I had never finished The Expected One, a Mary-Magdalene-and-her-descendants novel that I liked in some ways (feminist theology, hippie Jesus, lots of stuff on the Cathars and the Languedoc) and disliked in others (royal bloodline/aristocracy-obsessed, invested in secret societies that would make even Dan Brown scoff, and a main character who's such a flagrant annoying Mary Sue that if any of my friends had sent me this manuscript I would have demanded many changes). I'd rate it on par with Labyrinth but below The Secret Supper and The Treasure of Montsegur, as alternate Grail legends/Cathar histories go, and well below The Moon Under Her Feet, as Mary Magdalene narration goes (lots of the same obvious source materials -- Holy Blood, Holy Grail, The Mists of Avalon, and in this case, amusingly enough, Jesus Christ Superstar). So I sat down to finish it, and two cats came and sat in my lap, and I was trapped until we left for dinner with my parents.

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After dinner my evening consisted of Flash Gordon, Stargate: Atlantis and Torchwood (because Sci-Fi has that annoying schedule with a rerun in the middle of their all-new Friday schedule). The former is pure silliness, the latter a delight that I am very happy to have back, but I must admit that this week, at least, SGA was probably my favorite of the lot...sheafrotherdon, did you write that episode? *G* Collapse ) Collapse ) Snow's mostly gone but it's supposed to be bitterly cold over the weekend. Will find indoor places to go!