January 20th, 2008

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Last time we went to Mount Vernon, on Christmas Day, we got a rare glimpse of the top floor where Martha Washington lived after she was widowed -- a part of the house open only a few days a year. It was unexpectedly crowded because of National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which has scenes set at Mount Vernon and in the hidden tunnels that supposedly lead out from its basement. There has been such demand since the film to see the lower level that Mount Vernon has opened it for a month to tourists, so everyone can see that there are no secret tunnels and there are original wood beams and flagstones. We bought yearly passes last time, since they cost only $5 more than regular admission, so we were able to go visit different parts of the estate than last time and inspect the cellars. We saw sheep and gardens for younger son, picked up a bottle of Mount Vernon wine (which is not actually produced on the estate but nearby in Virginia), and got older son a deck of reproduction 18th century playing cards in the shops.

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My mobile phone, my wonderful T-Mobile MDA that I use for hours and hours every day, has been giving me trouble for a few weeks that I thought at first was because the battery case was loose, but it turned out that the battery itself had swollen and cracked its case, which apparently has been a problem with several of the early HTC Wizard models. So after some research to see whether it was worth replacing just the battery and case or whether that expense was probably too much given the life expectancy of the phone well beyond the end of the original contract, Paul decided I should get the newer version, the T-Mobile Wing. Thus far it seems very nice but I've barely had a chance to try it out, as I spent most of the evening loading various programs and settings and trying to figure out where I saved my ringtones! Younger son has inherited the MDA to use as a PDA and he is very pleased, since it has a camera, MP3 player and Microsoft Word.