January 22nd, 2008


Poem for Tuesday

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After a visit and lunch with dementordelta in Richmond, including a tour of her bookstore and Mexican food, we drove to Colonial Williamsburg, the world's largest living history museum restored to its 18th century grandeur as a successful British colony. I am currently sharing a hotel room with my children who are supposed to be sleeping so must keep this short, but here are a few photos from our visits to the weaver, basketmakers, harness and saddlemakers and one of the shops (outdoor photos of the village in the snow, including sheep and cats, to come later, plus my kids in the stocks):

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We had dinner at a local IHOP because the inexpensive tavern was closed and we were too full from lunch for the very expensive inn. Then we watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which is still well-acted but really not well-written and not pleasing me -- Collapse ) But I spent most of the evening glancing at the map and guidebook so we can go see lots of stuff Tuesday, when dementordelta is meeting us again. So will report in more detail after we see the cooper, the blacksmith, the silversmith and all the rest!