January 25th, 2008

little review

Poem for Friday

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Another not-very-eventful day, but my migraine abated and that was all I needed to feel much better about everything. Spent the morning catching up on piles of correspondence, then went out for a bunch of shopping chores (refilling Imitrex prescription, buying bargain kids' books at local toy store that regrettably has been bought out and is no longer carrying an extensive book selection, picking out Valentines for relatives). Watched "Samaritan Snare," which I had remembered as one of the poorer episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation but found that like so many, it holds up vastly more enjoyably than memory -- even my kids thought so.

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I had another coupon for a free Blockbuster rental and went in there with every intention of getting Eastern Promises so I can see Viggo Mortensen's performance before the Oscars. But I had Adam with me, and he noticed Stardust on the shelf, so we ended up renting that instead. I'm not a big Neil Gaiman fan, though Paul is -- I know, I'm probably the only person on LiveJournal who feels that way, let alone the only reviewer for Green Man Review. But I enjoyed the movie a lot; it has a lot of actors I like, Michelle Pfeiffer and Peter O'Toole and Mark Strong and Rupert Everett, and I can be up and down on Claire Danes but I loved her in this, and no one told me that Ian McKellen did the opening and closing voice-overs so that was a nice surprise. But if you need a reason to see it, it's Robert De Niro as the Pirate Captain Shakespeare, who is Collapse )