January 26th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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When I look back on this week I'm going to remember the first few days and forget the last couple. Not a lot to report from today: wrote a review of "Samaritan Snare", caught up nearly completely on correspondence, got a new battery for my T-Mobile MDA and spent two hours listening to music on it to see how well it holds a charge (very well thus far -- am thinking that if the MDA works with the new battery, I'm going to return the Wing and save the money), had Chinese food out with my father and family because my mother had to go to an event at the synagogue with the lower Hebrew school.

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After dinner with my father, we watched Sci-Fi's Friday night minus the rerun hour, when husband was watching some sporting event or other. Flash Gordon did a cheesy Arctic episode, Collapse ) As for SGA, what a perfectly delightful episode! Harmony is awesome and for once I found Rodney so adorable that I could squish him, though I found John even more adorable in the end wearing his Long-Suffering Rodney-Lover expression. Collapse )