January 29th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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We had no power for several hours today -- first went off early afternoon, flickered for a while, then crashed and stayed out till nearly 9 p.m., so I am hopelessly behind on everything. So I don't have a lot to report. Had started cleaning out my bathroom cabinet but couldn't finish because I couldn't see well enough (and anyone with a cat knows there was no way I could bring candles in to light it). We ended up going out to dinner because it was so dark in the house, Thai food at the mall, and I took my Wing phone back to the T-Mobile store there because it's just not worth what I paid for it. I like the new keyboard and the non-slippery feel of the phone, and there are a couple of small innovations like the Today screen music controls that I appreciate, but the new version of Windows runs so slowly even having removed all the T-Mobile applications that I just wanted my MDA back and I am so grateful that the new battery seems to have done the trick. I did need to spend much of the night restoring stuff to the MDA, so there went the rest of my time.

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I did not watch the State of the Union, couldn't bear the thought, so someone else will have to fill me in on all of Bush's achievements in the past year in case I missed any -- has he learned to pronounce "nuclear" yet? Am liking Obama's speeches better but still not liking a lot of the statements coming out of the people working for him -- this is true of Hillary as well -- and I don't know how much to assume they are or should be micromanaging their campaigns and some of the pettiness from regional directors and spokespeople. Nor do I know whether Edwards is avoiding certain kinds of sniping or merely not getting as much media coverage. (I'm sure the Republicans are doing it too but I try to avoid reading anything that might quote Mike Huckabee on any topic.) And I read that Guillermo del Toro is likely to direct the two Hobbit films produced by Peter Jackson so the epic may be very dark as well as very long. Ah well, I will gladly accept a double Hobbit in exchange for a single Deathly Hallows!