January 31st, 2008

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Two candidates out in one day. Collapse ) Had lunch with vertigo66 and chatted about this and other issues, stopped at Target and tried on some spring clothes but didn't buy anything. Came home to receive my kids' report cards (younger one's excellent, older one's not as good as it should be and I don't know at this point whether to restrict privileges or if that will just make him more frustrated and less likely to work harder). My mother brought over sweatpants for older one because that's all he'll wear and is too tall for the kids' sizes but too skinny for the men's so it's a regular struggle to find them. Watched The Fountain again, so I could record it and because I told Green Man Review that I wanted to write about it since no one yet has and I don't think that film has gotten anywhere near the critical attention it deserves. They're going to think I'm a Hugh Jackman fanatic -- I reviewed The Prestige for them spontaneously too -- well, that's all right.

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Put on The Truman Show to record late in the evening -- it's the only Jim Carrey movie I really love, I'm definitely not a big fan of his -- and ended up watching more than I intended and finding it a lot more affecting than I did the first time out, viewers ignoring their own crying babies to watch a life unfold on television. Some of what I was thinking about was in terms of gender -- is Hannah, the actress who plays Truman's wife a prostitute, paid by the network to have sex with him and keep him happy, and why do I find that less disturbing than the actress who plays his mother (we don't find out either her "real" name or her name on the TV series) faking the maternal role for his entire life? -- but some of it was in terms of fandom and the roles celebrities play in our lives. Hmm, maybe I'll see if GMR wants a review of that too.