February 1st, 2008

little review

Poem for Friday

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I have my son's cold. Grrrrr. I was supposed to have lunch with gblvr but between her power problems causing her to be late and my feeling like I might infect her, we decided to postpone. So I stayed in and wrote my review of The Fountain with a cat snoring behind me on the couch, and then when Adam got home, we filled out the papers to enter his science project in the county science fair (because he was one of very few sixth graders from his school chosen to participate, whoo) and discussed the novel he is writing that involves a parent with Alzheimer's and being trapped in a dream.

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Watched Smallvile, which seems to have jumped the shark in my mind at some point during its long hiatus because I just. did. not. care. Okay, it didn't help that the episode was 85% Lana, very little Chloe and no Lois whatsoever, but I agreed with every mean thing Gabriel said about Lex and every mean thing Bad Clark said about Good Clark. If James Marsters hadn't been in it, I might have turned it off. Then we watched Music and Lyrics on cable, with which I expected to have a love/hate relationship and did -- I loathe romantic comedies and this one is such a Mary Sue story that I almost couldn't sit through it despite the Wham! and Britney parodies -- I love the soundtrack, which I'd heard months ago. But I like Drew Barrymore so I just kind of gritted my teeth through the worst of the dialogue and enjoyed the chemistry; I can't think of another pair of actors who could have pulled this off.