February 9th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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I had plans with perkypaduan Friday but we're both recovering from different forms of creeping crud (me head, her stomach) and we decided that rather than risk combining germs, we would be better off postponing. So I had a quiet morning at home writing a review of Next Gen's "Manhunt" and having chicken soup. Sooner or later, hopefully it will make my cough go away.

My mother came over in the afternoon with old family videotapes of even older family Super-8 movies that my great uncle either appears in or recorded; we were looking for a couple of specific clips for the memorial service, but we ended up watching my grandparents and my mother's surprise 40th birthday party (I cannot believe she was younger then than I am now) and some ancient footage of my sister and myself with my father's brother and his family, who moved to California while I was in middle school. Now my father's brother is here with his second wife and son who's younger than my older one; we had dinner with them at my parents' tonight. I'm so sad that we're having this big family reunion that my great uncle would have loved to be at for his funeral.

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Watched the season finale of Flash Gordon, by which title I hope Sci-Fi means they intend to bring the show back after Battlestar Galactica is gone (I'm betting it's a lot less expensive, with its cast of relatively unknown Canadians and its cheesy effects). Collapse ) Then watched Stargate: Atlantis' "Trio," which I liked a lot until the very end because clearly they are planning the Trek/B5/BSG "let's just throw every girl at every guy until some couple takes" pre-adolescent approach to writing relationships, which just, arrrgh! Collapse )

Here in The Washington Post is an obituary and photo of my Uncle Paul.