February 10th, 2008

little review

Poem for Sunday

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We mostly did chores today, though some of them were fun chores -- stopping at World Market for spices and simmer sauces and finding UK Cadbury Easter candy, stopping at Toys R Us for gifts and finding travel Mexican train dominoes, stopping at Petco for kitty litter and finding cats and kittens for adoption there with the SPCA (we refrained, this time, barely). I didn't find a picture frame in Michael's and we never made it to Trader Joe's but it wasn't a bad afternoon. Here are a few mediocre photos from the pet store:

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We had dinner again with my parents and my father's brother and his family -- the leftover Chinese food from Friday night and lots of desserts, as is always the case at my mother's house. Watched Torchwood's "Meat," which I absolutely loved -- I've always liked Rhys and Ianto has several great lines! Collapse ) The Redskins have a new head coach, but I can't bring myself to care at the moment. Sunday the funeral is at 12 in Virginia, there's a family luncheon at 2, then a memorial service at 4 at the assisted living home where my great uncle and aunt have lived for the past few years, then dinner with all the relatives and friends from the service.