February 12th, 2008

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I spent Monday afternoon with my oldest friend, the one whose Super Bowl party I missed the weekend before last because I was too sick to be among people. We went to La Tasca for tapas -- not the best ever, but they had a 3 for $10 Valentine's week lunch special, and I had awesome potatoes with some kind of spicy sauce, squid and shrimp paella and some kind of red pepper chicken, so I would have to rate it a very successful luncheon outing. We walked her Boston terriers (one of whom ate her daughter's parakeets, so the dog is really in the doghouose) and talked about our families -- she knew my great-uncle and we've known each other's parents since we were in elementary school, so there is always catching up to do.

My mother stopped by in the afternoon to pick up stuff we drove home from the funeral for her on Sunday, bringing some photocopies of articles by and about my uncle of which I knew I still had originals. So I went through my files and dug them out, as well as some ancient articles about my parents' summer camp, my father's teaching for Georgetown and things like that. I spent lots of time scanning two different folded, crumbling copies of the article below that was originally published in 1943, trying to get it into good enough condition to print, so here is what I accomplished:

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Watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles which continues simply not to do it for me, though both my kids love it...I can't believe I'm saying this but I really miss The Bionic Woman, the mediocre remake from last fall. Sarah isn't boring me but it's so relentlessly "the men of Sarah Connor's life plus the sweet virginal Terminator walking her son to manhood"...it all vaguely pisses me off. Then watched The History Boys, which despite having only one female character with more than two lines of dialogue seems vastly more progressive to me...I would have loved it just for the field trip to Fountains Abbey and the interviews at Oxford, both of which bring back happy memories for me, but I loved that it was a film about ideas and identity. Collapse )