February 13th, 2008

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I have had a strange and stressful day, though it was a nice day with my family -- the kids had no school because the buildings are used as polling places for the Maryland primary election and we met Paul for lunch at Minerva, the wonderful Indian restaurant in Gaithersburg that shows MTV India during the lunch hour, which is awesome. We needed to be up in that direction to get Adam's violin repaired -- the sound post was off -- and to get new binders since the kids tend to destroy theirs midway through the school year and we're at that point. I love the violin shop, which only carries very high-quality string instruments and has historic prints and plates for printing music on the walls. A couple of quick photos:

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I was distracted through all of this by two discoveries: first that the husband of a friend had been killed in an accident last week -- she was a friend originally from fandom, but she used to live in Virginia and my husband and I were friendly with her husband and her at the time -- they were at our younger son's baby naming. I called a mutual acquaintance who was at one time a very good friend of mine, who lives near my in-laws' old house where we used to visit regularly. And in the course of trying to find out whether I could do something practical for the friend who lost her husband, leaving her with two little girls, I learned that my very good friend and her husband have split up. She also has two young children and this makes me sad too.

We stopped in Best Buy under the mistaken impression that American Gangster came out on DVD this week (it's next week) and had a quarrel with my children about Soulcaliber Legends, which looks to me like a $50 Wii version of AdventureQuest/Runescape with lots of killing fantasy creatures with a sword -- they have the money to buy it but I really resist games that are that focused on killing. By the time we went to vote, the ice storm currently messing things up outside had begun and we decided not to go get our free tacos at California Tortilla (given to everyone with an "I Voted" sticker) because we were afraid we wouldn't be able to get the ice off the windows afterward -- our doors were sticking shut by the time we got home.

Watched the election returns though Maryland's came in late because a judge ruled that the polls had to stay open to accommodate people having problems from the weather, discovered that my Democratic Senator voted with the Republicans to approve spying on citizens and giving protection to warrantless eavesdroppers...Barbara Mikulski, I am going to remember this when you are up for reelection. Then watched Boston Legal, which despite interruptions by local news with updated results was extremely enjoyable -- Scott Bakula as Shirley's old boyfriend and Denny and Alan hot for the same woman! Collapse )