February 16th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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I spent a lovely afternoon with dementordelta playing with moose puppets, seeing Juno and having kabobs at Village Green Grill. I liked Juno a lot, though I will admit that my very favorite aspects were 1) Allison Janney, 2) the soundtrack and 3) the fact that Juno has a sister named "Liberty Bell." Collapse ) After dementordelta left, I wrote a review of "The Emissary", the first K'Ehleyr episode of TNG where Worf pretends to be captain, of which I am pretty fond. Saw that white-tailed jack rabbits are apparently extinct now in Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding ecosystem, which sucks more than I can say, and that Boston has ordered Mike Huckabee to stop playing "More Than a Feeling," which rocks. apaulled said he wondered whether anyone on the Obama campaign had looked closely at the lyrics to U2's "City of Blinding Lights" which some of Obama's ads use: "The more you see the less you know/The less you find out as you go/I knew much more then than I do now."

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Watched Stargate: Atlantis, haven't watched enough SG-1 to have the proper appreciation for Teal'c (with or without hair, though I think based on my very limited exposure that in this rare instance I preferred without) but he and Ronon playing Klingons made me smile particularly after watching "The Emissary" a day before. Collapse )

Saturday: Farpoint for interviews for TrekToday, then in-laws for husband's father's birthday. Maybe Gettysburg. My mother's mother would have been 102.