February 17th, 2008


Poem for Sunday

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This will be a quickie because I'm at my in-laws in Pennsylvania, watching Groundhog Day (the kids' choice). I spent the morning and afternoon at the Farpoint convention, which I attend every year largely to work -- I interview Star Trek people for TrekToday, which this year means Marina Sirtis who is always very nice and also a lot of fun because she can be be bitingly sarcastic and straightforward (she said she was going to get into trouble talking about the Enterprise finale and the oversaturation of the Trek franchise, but she talked anyway, heh). I also interviewed John Broughton of Starship Farragut and James Cawley of Star Trek: New Voyages -- the latter is way better looking in person than in any of his publicity photos. *g* I wish I had found an excuse to interview James Callis, but Battlestar Galactica isn't enough of a Star Trek connection, sadly.

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I also got to see beeej, selannia, saimhe and numerous other people I know from various fandoms, in some cases going back more than ten years! So that was awesome -- running into people is always my favorite part of conventions. And I scored some swag (Indiana Jones mini-posters!) and bought bottlecap art with a penguin, a four-leaf clover and an apple pie, which was compensation for the fact that while I was doing interviews, apaulled took the kids to lunch, to see The Spiderwick Chronicles and to a maple sugaring festival at a park near Hunt Valley. In the late afternoon they arrived at the hotel and I found them buying Magic cards in the dealer's room. Then we drove up to Hartford, had dinner with my in-laws and played dominoes. Sunday we may go to Gettysburg or to Harrisburg depending on the weather!