February 21st, 2008


Poem for Thursday

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Spent much of the day flat on my back, but that was vastly preferable to the 103.5 temperature I had while I was typing in my journal last night. Lived on soup, tea and yogurt, watched the extended edition of Kingdom of Heaven and most of the extras because I wanted something with which I was already somewhat familiar in case I dozed off and missed part of it. (I didn't -- I liked it a lot, certainly better than the theatrical cut as it restored so much of Sybilla's story, and the scenes with Ridley Scott working with the actors were very entertaining, particularly Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson and David Thewlis joking around together.) I keep forgetting to mention that Green Man Review has published my review of The Fountain if anyone wants to hear me going on about it more than I already have here.

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I was sad to see that The Awakening has moved out of DC -- where will I go when I want to stand in the hand of a giant? And I'm still worried about the fact that ABC still has not picked up Boston Legal for next season, even though apparently they have ordered the show back into post-strike production to complete this season and they've already sold the cable rights for a lot of money. William Shatner said on his web site that the show has not been canceled but I want to see a renewal announcement. I mostly liked last night's episode despite shaking with feverish chills during it so hard I could barely type. Collapse )